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What is a Bed and Breakfast accommodation?

  • You will be staying in somebody's home. Room, studio or apartment.
  • Most host serve breakfast
  • You are not allowed to use any kind of soft and hard drugs.
  • Guests are expected to arrive at host/hostess within 1 or 2 hours after the arrival-hour (at airport/station) given to our organisation.
  • By car: within 1 hour after the arrival hour given to us. If not possible, please inform your host/hostess or Bed and Breakfast Holland.

Where are the B&Bs and other accommodations located
The accommodations in our databank are throughout the entire Country of The Netherlands.

Which Home shall I Choose?

  • Each home offers something unique - please read the description to get the 'feel of it'.
  • Some may be peacefully situated in the countryside, others may be conveniently situated in town centres, some may be more suitable for families, while others offer superior accommodation for couples treating themselves to a weekend break.
  • Private or shared bathroom facilities could also influence your choice.

What is the minimum stay at a Bed and Breakfast?
The minimum stay is 2 days. On special holidays, Christmas and New Year, Eastern , Queens day and IBC Congress there is a minimum stay required for 3 days or a supplement.

How early do I have to make a reservation?
The majority of our homes are private homes with a maximum of 2-3 bedrooms - do not let it come to a last minute reservation. April and May, July and August are notoriously busy months - it is essential to book ahead. Please note that weekends in Amsterdam are always busy as well as (inter-)national Holidays, Christmas and New Year. Therefore we advise you to consider your stay a couple of weeks ahead.

How can I make a reservation?
You can search for an accommodation trough our search tool or the location menu on the home page. When you made your choice click on the reservation button at the bottom of the page. Complete the information asked and click on send. You will get an email with a conformation on the availability within 24 hours. This email also contains the link to pay for your reservation.

How can I pay a reservation?
Through our online secured payment system, you can pay by credit card, Master, Visa, PayPal and Ideal

Is there a price reduction for children?
There are accommodations with children prices. Look at the in the description of the accommodation. Some accommodations do not want to accommodate small children.

What is the check inn time?
Always contact your host for your arrival time in advance.

How about parking when I travel by car?
It is very difficult to park in the main cities and also very expensive. There are a few big valet parking lots in Amsterdam where you can leave your car the whole day for about 7 euro a day. We recommend to put your car there when you stay in the centre of Amsterdam. Most accommodations outside the city centres have free parking.

What is more to say on bed and breakfast?
The hosts are there to help, please ask. They are quite used to it. Many have details of local attractions and places of interest to help you enjoy your stay. Some offer extra services, such as a pick up service from the nearest train/bus station or airport. Finally remember you are staying in a family home and enjoying the benefits of that. Every home is different and provides a unique experience. All homes have different ways of doing things and that is the enjoyment of staying in a home rather than a hotel. Please do not forget however, that unlike a hotel, there are no employed staff on call 24 hours a day.


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